At St. Alphonsus’ RC Primary School we are passionate about education. We use the ‘Cornerstones’ creative curriculum to help us design and develop lessons which make children thrive in their learning environment and so that they can look forward to coming to school, each and every day.
Our teachers and support staff aim to provide innovative teaching opportunities for children using a range of rich teaching resources that support the national curriculum and ensure children receive motivating, diverse learning experiences.

The Cornerstones philosophy is built on years of experience and underpins a four-stage teaching process.

  • Engage
  • Develop
  • Innovate
  • Express

Engage Stage – children gain memorable experiences, develop an insight into their new topic and begin to research and explore.
Develop Stage – children improve their new found knowledge and build on their learning experiences. They have opportunities to practice skills and to compose, build, do, explore and investigate.
Innovate Stage – children apply their skills in real-life contexts, such as writing letters or solving problems. They become inspired learners by applying their skills to the outside world.
Express Stage – children consolidate their learning throughout the topic through evaluation activities. Children can then share their learning experiences with others both at home and in school to celebrate their achievements!
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