We believe parents are the first educators of their children and it is our privilege to be part of

this when they enter our school. We strive to ensure that we communicate with our parents on a personal basis where possible. If this is not possible a parent can make an appointment to speak to either the class teacher or the Head Teacher.


Reports and Open Evenings

The school has two parents’ evenings each year in the Autumn and Spring terms. A report is sent to parents in the Summer term and if a parent wishes they can discuss the report with the class teacher. The annual report includes the child’s assessment results and an indicator of how their child is progressing nationally. We also send a brief report each half-term related to a child’s attitude to learning.


Written Communication with Parents

Every effort is made to keep parents fully informed on school issues however we encourage you to empty your child’s bag on arriving home from school to ensure that you receive letters from school promptly. We do understand that children can misplace letters; copies of letters can be found in the Reception area.

Newsletters are published regularly, informing you of important dates, events and celebrations.


Parental Concerns

If you are concerned about your child’s education you are asked to make an appointment to see your child’s class teacher.  If you are concerned about your child’s well- being at school or at home you can contact the Home/School Liaison Officer.  We always try our best to help and advise and we are here to help.


Complaints Procedure

The school has established procedures for considering complaints from parents. If a parent has a complaint they should contact the Head Teacher / Governors before contacting the Local Authority.