The school uniform is designed to be smart, practical and inexpensive.

Pullovers, jumpers, sweatshirts, cardigans must be plain emerald green, with the embroidered school badge (not bottle green). Trousers or skirts (no leggings) must be plain grey and shirts, blouses or polo shirts must be white.

Plain black shoes are to be worn by all pupils including Nursery. Socks must be plain white or grey (no frills). Tights must be plain grey or bottle green to be worn only in winter (no brightly coloured tights).

During the warmer weather, girls may wear green and white gingham dresses.

The following items of school uniform, embroidered with the school badge, are available from Lollipops, Norfolk Place, Berwick Hills:

  • sweatshirt
  • polo shirts,
  • cardigans
  • reversible jackets/fleeces (which are of a high quality, yet very reasonably priced).

It is the expectation that all children should wear the school reversible fleece jackets. These are both smart, practical and with the school badge, reinforce a sense of belonging to St. Alphonsus’

The efforts of parents in sending children to school in full uniform are very much appreciated by both governors and staff.  Visitors to the school often readily comment upon the smartness of the children.

The school requests that parents label clearly all items of the children’s uniform.  Lost items of uniform can be returned quickly upon identification.

The Governing Body views certain modes of dress as inappropriate.  These would include:

  • • severe shaven hair
  • • shaved patterns, including shaving on the side of the head,
  • • dyed hair
  • • other extreme or outlandish styles.
  • • False hair pieces,
  • • coloured braids or beading.
  • • make up,
  • • nail varnish/polish,
  • • false nails,
  • • tattoos,
  • • fake tans.

We aim for smartness and excellence.


Pupils are not allowed to wear earrings or earring retainers, including stud earrings, or any other types of jewellery. This is a policy decision of the Governing Body, made for reasons of health and safety and is strictly adhered to.  The immediate beginning of the summer holidays is the appropriate time for ears to be pierced, in order to allow the necessary healing time before returning to school, at which time, earrings and studs must be removed. Watches may be worn in school but must be removed for any P.E. activity. The watch remains the pupil’s responsibility at all times.


Children are required to change into a team coloured / white short sleeved tee shirt and black or navy shorts for P.E. They are also required to wear suitable PE shoes e.g. plimsolls.  All gear  should be in a draw string bag which sits very well on small coat pegs. During cold weather some PE sessions may still be held outside. Children should wear plain black / navy / grey joggers and a matching sweatshirt / hoodie with outdoor PE shoes.