Come and See

 At St. Alphonsus’ RC Primary School we use the ‘Come and See’ religious programme of study as our RE scheme.

This material has been written by a group of experienced diocesan advisors.

It follows on from successful trialling in schools in England and Wales and is based on the theological foundations of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Catechism and the revised RE Curriculum Directory and includes the Catholic attainment levels.

It has been developed to respond to the children of the 21st Century in their journey of faith, giving children the children the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through scripture and tradition. It also makes clear links with the children’s own experiences to ensure that learning becomes meaningful for our children.

‘Come and See’ is at the core of our RE curriculum at St Alphonsus’. It forms the basis of our lessons and our staff build on this creatively. We encourage the children to make links to their own experiences by ensuring lessons are delivered in the appropriate context which is made meaningful to the children using key driver words. It is important to us that our children see themselves as part of a wider community.



Our Religious Education curriculum influences all aspects of school life and is underpinned by the three strands of our Mission Statement in that we are the best we can be by: learning with each other, serving each other and loving each other in a Christ-centred community.

The religious education programme, ‘Come and See’ is the core RE scheme at St Alphonsus’. Links are made with the children’s own experiences and the curriculum is adapted to make it real and meaningful to our children. We teach Religious Education through the process of Explore, Reveal and Respond.

Each new topic begins with a ‘big question’. The big question forms the basis of deep discussion, encouraging the children to think beyond their first response. The big question is displayed in each classroom throughout the theme and revisited regularly. During the ‘Respond’ part of each theme each child will complete their own ‘learning journey’. The learning journey revisits the big question and asks the children to identify some things they know now that they did not know before. Through the delivery of excellent, engaging lessons and with creativity and context at the forefront of teachers planning, children are equipped to provide a more meaningful response than they did at the beginning of the theme.

‘Come and See’ works in such a way that each year group covers the same topic at any one time, but this is broken into themes meaning the children build on their previous learning each year.

At St Alphonsus’ we also teach using the Godly Play Room, a method founded by Jerome Berryman and based on the theory of children discovering God for themselves through Scripture.

Before entering the Godly Play Room, children and adults are asked to get ready on the inside. In order to show that they are ready to enter the room, everyone removes their shoes and lines up at the door. This creates the idea of Godly Play taking place in a sacred place. During Godly Play, only two adults are allowed in the room with the children. This is to ensure that the children own the room. It is their space and it is their responsibility to look after it. Once in the room, the group are not to be interrupted either by people leaving or entering the room.

The academic benefits of Godly play are demonstrated within the RE curriculum work and across the school curriculum.